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Commercial Truck Dealership Marketing Packages

Work Truck Pros offers dealership marketing packages to make the process as easy as possible for dealers. We also offer à la carte options so you can pick and choose the marketing options that best suite your specific needs. Have questions about one of our packages or products or don’t see a service listed that interest you? Don’t hesitate to call us!  Our commercial truck marketing experts are here to help.

Inventory System

  • Our Work Truck Pros’ commercial truck inventory system, which offers the following features.
  • Easy to use maintenance routine for adding, deleting and active life maintenance of a vehicle
  • Inventory works for most all vehicles and trailers, e.g. Upfits, Big Rigs, Trailers, Chassis Cabs, Off Road, Custom, …
  • Inventory can be searched by Vehicle Type, Stock Number, Make, Model, Fuel, Drive, Cab/Body, VIN Number, Wheelbase, Model Code, as well as custom options as specified by the dealer in order to meet the needs of a specific client and/or specific industry.
  • Pricing Portal that offers quick and easy maintenance for the MSRP, Sell, and Special Pricing.   Special Pricing Option offers an automatic expiration date.  The portal also includes each vehicle’s pricing history.
  • Sales transaction database, a database that captures the sales transactions which includes; Sell Date, Client name or number, Truck Type, VIN, Salesperson and Notes. The associated report can be searched by date range.
  • Extensive reporting feature that includes reports by Stock Number, Make, Stock Levels, Truck Type, Leave Behind Inventory Sheet, and various other reports showing vehcilce specifics features.
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Marketing Options

  • Commercial Truck Trader Updating $39/Month (*)
  • Truck Paper Reconciliation Report $19/Month
  • Truck Paper Updating $Call for Price
  • Other Third Party Advertisers Updating $Call for Price
  •  Quick Quote Routine. This routine creates a quote using the inventory and features both a picture of the truck and specific truck information on the quote.  The client will know exactly which truck you are quoting $29/month (*)
  • Salesperson’s Inventory which includes a Personalized Quick Quote System $29/month (**)
  • Industry or Client Specific Tailored Website Inventory $29/month
  • Multi-Site Options, for Dealerships with Multiple Commercial Sites $Call for Price
  • Email Notifications of Captured Sales Transaction Reaching 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Year Anniversaries $29/month
  • Archive Inventory, an inventory of sold vehicles that have been through our inventory system.  Has many uses, and is a strategic match for the Sales Transaction routine.  $100/month
  • Electronic storage and retrieval system for truck and body invoices. Requires our Archive Inventory.  $50/month
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Management Options

  • Automatic Inventory Loading $100/Month (*)
  • Invoice/Window Sticker Feature Load $Call for Price (***)
  • Pre-Stock Routine with ETA Message $19/month (*)
  • Inventory Aging Option.  This options sorts vehicles oldest to newest. $9/month (*)
  • Inventory Valuation Option. This option summarizes the cost of the total inventory, as well as by vehicle type . $9/month (*)
  • Inventory Aging with Email Reminders at 90, 120, 180 & 270 Days $29/month (*)
  • Multi-Site Options, for Dealerships with Multiple Commercial Sites $Call for Options and Pricing
  • ______________________________________
  • Marketing and Management Package: $295/month 
  • This package includes our inventory system and options marked with (*), (**), and (***). 
  • -Options marked (**) have a maximum of 9
  • -Options marked (***) have a maximum of 25 weekly.
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No Long Term Contracts, Month-to-Month

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a pay per click campaign through Google Adwords. SEM campaigns require a complex understanding of AdWords, including budgets, ad types, specific targeting, developing creative, keywords, SERP and more. Our team of expert marketers will work with you to create an optimized campaign, driving instant leads to your business.

Brand Management

Work Truck Pros offers brand management packages to help manage and monitor your online profiles. It’s vital to your dealership’s online presence to be active and respond to reviews online, whether good or bad. Work Truck Pros will also help your dealership solicit online reviews.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great marketing avenue if you have special offers, new inventory or anything else to share with your past, current and future customers. It also keeps them engaged and your dealership top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase.  Work Truck Pros will design and send out email campaigns for your dealership.

Direct Mail

Direct Mailers are a great way to reach your past, present and future customers. Work Truck Pros can design and send out postcards, flyers, brochures and any other type of direct mail piece you’d be interested in.

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