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Work Truck Pros' Commercial Truck Inventory System

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Work Truck Pros offers dealership marketing packages to make the process as easy as possible for dealers. We also offer à la carte options so you can pick and choose the marketing options that best suite your specific needs. Have questions about one of our packages or products or don’t see a service listed that interest you? Don’t hesitate to call us!  Our commercial truck marketing experts are here to help.

Inventory System

  • This is our full featured commercial truck inventory system.  It requires nothing more.  However, it does offer many additional options that can help it meet the specific needs of the dealership.
  • This Inventory system works for most all commercial vehicles; Upfits, Big Rigs, Trailers, Chassis Cabs, Off Road, Custom, …
  • One of the most important element of the inventory system is the Listings page, the gateway for the commercial buyer.  Our Listings page shows 20 trucks ads per page and were designed with the commercial buyer in mind.  Each ad features a thumbnail image of the truck and information pertinent to a commercial buyer.
  • The Listings page includes a custom banner designed specifically for the dealership.  It can also include a navigation menu.  This menu usually includes commercial specific pages that might be relevant to the commercial buyer, like a credit application.
  • The Listings page includes in-depth search options which are found at the top of the page.  We find that the buyers prefer the top-of-the-page search options, as it eliminates the continual up and down paging required when using side searches.
  • The Search options are extensive and includes searches by Truck Type, Make, Model, Fuel, Drive, Cab/Body, Stock Number, VIN, and it even offers the ability to add dealer specific search options.
  • Another very important feature of the inventory is the Showcase page.  The Showcase page offers in-depth information about the truck’s features that are important to a commercial truck buyer.  This includes body information for the upfit trucks.
  • The Internet is a visual marketing medium and actual truck photos are very important to commercial buyers.  The Showcase page offers both medium and large size pictures of each truck.  This feature has proven to be very valuable to the buyers.
  • Even for commercial trucks, pricing is one way to stimulate buyer’s interest.  This overlooked option is becoming more important to dealers and our Pricing Pricing Portal offers quick and easy maintenance of all price fields.
  • A very important requirement for any dealer that wants to insure inventory accuracy is information access.  Our inventory system offers many in-depth reports, reports that will let a dealer easily access information about each truck in their inventory.
  • Of course a crucial element of any inventory involves vehicle life cycle maintenance.  Our system lets a dealer easily add trucks, maintain them through their “Selling” cycle, and remove them once they are sold.
  • The monthly fee includes the software license, phone and email support and on-going upgrades of the inventory system.
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(Priced Individually or Included in Pkg)
  • Inventory loading from dealer supplied data file, recommended, $50/month (1)
  • Upfit inventory augmentation.  Adds upfit trucks to your inventory. $20/month
  • Commercial Truck Trader Automatic Updating $30/Month (1)
  • Truck Paper Reconciliation Report – One Time Set Up Fee $30 (Truck Paper Updating, Call for Price)
  •  Quick Quote Routine. This routine creates a quote using the inventory and features both a picture of the truck and specific truck information on the quote. $20/month (1)
  • Private inventory includes the entire commercial inventory.  This inventory can be personalized for a salesperson and includes a personalized Quick Quote System. $30/month (2)
  • Subset inventory includes all, or part, of commercial inventory. This inventory can be personalized for a specific buyer or industry. $30/month
  • Sales History Tracker. A routine that captures the sales transactions for future marketing and reporting. $30/month (1)
  • Archive Inventory, an inventory of sold vehicles that have been through our inventory system. $100/month
  • Electronic storage and retrieval system for truck and body invoices. Requires our Archive Inventory.  $50/month
  • Multi-Site Options, for Dealerships with Multiple Commercial Departments. Call for further information.
  • Dealer’s new upfit trucks listed on WorkTruckUSA.com. $30/month (1)
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Options Continued

(Priced Individually or Included in Pkg)
  • Trucks loaded to the inventory from an invoice, by WTP personnel $100/month (less than 50 adds per month, if more quoted) (4)
  • Pre-Stock Routine with ETA Message $20/month (3)
  • Inventory Aging Option.  This options sorts vehicles oldest to newest. $10/month (3)
  • Inventory Valuation Option. This option summarizes the cost of the total inventory, as well as by vehicle type . $10/month (3)
  • _____________________________________
  • Pro’s Package: $195/month
  • This package includes our inventory system and options marked with (1).
  • Marketing and Management Package: $295/month 
  • This package includes our inventory system and options marked with (1), (2), (3) and (4), with these exceptions.  Option (2) has a maximum of 9 inventories, others can be added at the current rate. Option (4) has a maximum of 50 vehicle additions per month, other vehicles can be added at the current rate. 
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No Long Term Contracts, Month-to-Month

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a pay per click campaign through Google Adwords. SEM campaigns require a complex understanding of AdWords, including budgets, ad types, specific targeting, developing creative, keywords, SERP and more. Our team of expert marketers will work with you to create an optimized campaign, driving instant leads to your business.

Brand Management

Work Truck Pros offers brand management packages to help manage and monitor your online profiles. It’s vital to your dealership’s online presence to be active and respond to reviews online, whether good or bad. Work Truck Pros will also help your dealership solicit online reviews.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great marketing avenue if you have special offers, new inventory or anything else to share with your past, current and future customers. It also keeps them engaged and your dealership top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase.  Work Truck Pros will design and send out email campaigns for your dealership.

Direct Mail

Direct Mailers are a great way to reach your past, present and future customers. Work Truck Pros can design and send out postcards, flyers, brochures and any other type of direct mail piece you’d be interested in.

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