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Work Truck Pros' Commercial Truck Inventory System

Priced so you only pay for what you need!

Work Truck Pros offers dealership marketing packages to make the process as easy as possible for dealers. We also offer à la carte options so you can pick and choose the marketing options that best suite your specific needs. Have questions about one of our packages or products or don’t see a service listed that interest you? Don’t hesitate to call us!  Our commercial truck marketing experts are here to help.

Inventory System

$99/Month (Starting)
  • This represents our full featured commercial truck inventory system, which is perfect for the do-it-yourself dealer.  However, for the rest of us, the base package may not be all we need. In the columns to the right are options that can be added to the inventory. These options will tailor the inventory to meet your specific needs.
  • Below are two very popular packages that include some of our most popular options.
  • Pro’s Package: $195/month
  • This includes our inventory system and:
  • Inventory Load by File($50/Mo),  Upfit Inventory Augmentor($50/Mo.),  Quick Quote Routine($20/Mo),  Sales History Tracker ($30/Mo.)
  • Marketing and Management Package: $295/month 
  • This includes our inventory and Pro’s Package, plus:
  • Commercial Truck Trader Updating($30/Mo), One (1) Specialty Inventory($30/Mo,), Inventory Aging Report w/Notification ($30/Month), Inventory Valuation Report($10/Month)
  • The monthly fee includes the software license, phone and email support, and on-going upgrades of the inventory system.
  • No Long-Term Contract Required.
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(Priced Individually or Included in Pkg)
  • INVENTORY LOAD BY FILE  This inventory load is from dealer supplied data file, recommended, $50/month
  • UPFIT INVENTORY AUGMENTOR   Adds upfit trucks to your inventory All upfits include real pictures, but no dealership information. $50/month
  • COMMERCIAL TRUCK TRADER UPDATE  Our inventory automatically updates CTT, with up to 5 categories per truck $30/Month
  • TRUCK PAPER RECONCILIATION  This compares your website inventory with the inventory represented on Truck Paper for your dealership. One Time Set Up Fee $30 (Truck Paper Updating, Call for Price)
  • QUICK QUOTE ROUTINE  This routine creates a quote using the inventory information and features both a picture of the truck and specific truck information on the quote. $20/month 
  • SPECIALTY INVENTORY  These inventories include all, or part, of commercial inventory and can be personalized for a specific industry or buyer. They can be public or private inventories. $30/month
  • SALESPERSON’S INVENTORY  These inventories include the entire main inventory. The banner and contact information for these inventories are personalized with the salesperson’s information. $30/month
  • SALES HISTORY TRACKER  This routine captures sales information from the truck delete process. This information is then available for reporting and searching for years to come. . $30/month
  • WORK TRUCK USA  The dealer’s new upfit trucks can be listed on WorkTruckUSA.com. This is a public site owned and operated by Work Truck Pros. $30/month 
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Options Continued

(Priced Individually or Included in Pkg)
  • INVOICE LOAD  This has us loading your trucks by invoice.  This insures that the features shown in the inventory are the features valued by the commercial buyer.  Pricing based on the average number of new truck adds per month.  For dealers with less than 60 new commercial vehicles added per month it is $100/month.  For all others call for quote.
  • IN-BOUND STOCKING  This routine offers the ability to show In-Bound vehicles in your commercial inventory. The In-Bound vehicles are labeled as “In-Bound” and can include an ETA date. $20/month
  • INVENTORY AGING w/NOTIFICATION  This routine ages your commercial inventory. It sorts oldest to newest and emails you when a vehicle reaches trigger days, which are 90, 120, 180 and 270 days-in-inventory. $30/month
  • INVENTORY VALUATION  This routine summarizes the cost of the total inventory. It offers many sort options, one being a sort and valuation by vehicle type. $10/month
  • ARCHIVE INVENTORY  This is an inventory of the vehicles that have passed through your commercial inventory system It can interface to the Sales History Tracker providing even greater benefit. $100/month
  • ELECTRONIC INVOICE STORAGE  This feature stores and retrieves your truck and body invoices. It requires and interfaces with the Archive Inventory.  $50/month
  • MULTI-SITE SYSTEM  This system combines the inventory of multiple dealerships into a single inventory. The combined inventory can display the owning dealership information on each truck ad, or not, your call. Call for further information.
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