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Inventory Systems

Showcase and manage your dealership’s commercial truck inventory system to the online community through the Work Truck Pros Inventory System.

Why Choose Work Truck Pros?


Top three reasons: Increase Your Sales, Time Efficiency, Customer Retention.  It’s just that simple. View live inventory.

Work Truck Pros has been bringing new ideas and inventory solutions to businesses since 1994. Over the years we’ve developed the best inventory system available for commercial truck dealers. We understand your industry and are here to help you succeed. In an industry so reliant on customer relations, our inventory system is built to help your business bring in new customers and keep them for years to come.

When you use Work Truck Pros, your inventory system and commercial dealership website will be built on your own domain. What does this mean? In this day and age  your domain name is just about as important to your business identity as your business phone number. Your customers are searching online before making a buying decision, and in order to show up when they are searching, you need to be constantly working on your online presence. Without your own domain, any SEO efforts you’ve worked on in the past will be for nothing. Having your own domain name is crucial in your online presence, now and in the future.


Increase Your Sales

  • Commercial Buyer Friendly Search Functionality – Commercial buyers are not like retail buyers.  They have different search requirements, and won’t waste time with inventory systems that can’t expedite their search.  Primarily they search for the truck type they need, e.g. Dump Truck, Bucket Truck, …  Secondarily they may require specific features, e.g. Crew Cab, PTO, Diesel Engine, …  We will work closely with you to determine which search options are necessary for your commercial buyers so that they have the best possible user experience when navigating your inventory.
  • Multiple Category Option –  Have a vehicle that makes sense to be listed under multiple categories? No problem! Work Truck Pros offers the freedom to list trucks under as many categories as you want.
  • Flexible Pricing Options – MSRP, Invoice Plus, Rebate Pricing and Specials Pricing.  Our inventory systgem give you the ability to show the price you want the commercial buyers to see.
  • Dealer Network – You’ll have the ability to use the Work Truck Pros Dealer Network, allowing other dealer’s inventory to show on your website, and yours on theirs. This provides the opportunity for you to sell more inventory and provide your customers with a larger variety of inventory. If your customers can’t wait 8-12 weeks for you to build the body they need and another dealer in the Work Truck Pros network has the truck that meets their specifications, you’ll be able to make the sale.  This is an anonymous truck inventory system, no dealer information, but includes real pictures.
  • Domain Ownership – Unlike our competitors, our system is built under the domain of your choosing.  This allows your dealership to maximize your SEO potential in the search engine results, not the inventory systems company.  It’s important for your dealership to get found on the internet when a commercial buyer is ready to buy!
  • Archive File – The Archive is an inventory of sold trucks, providing the buyer with the ability to refer to trucks you have sold in the past to increase your credibility.
  • Lease Pricing – Work Truck Pros has the ability to include lease pricing within your inventory system.  This feature works within your system and provides lease pricing information to your potential customers right under the main pricing section.
  • Promotion Space – Multiple advertising options are available in the Work Truck Pros inventory system. We currently offer space in line with your listings and along the side rail. You can use this space to promote your dealership service department, special offers, or sell advertising spots to bring in more revenue.
  • Reporting – Work Truck Pros provides reporting so you can see which vehicles are being searched and viewed the most on your inventory system.  Find out what’s hot and what’s not.
  • Multi-Site Systems – Sites like Commercial Truck Trader and Truck Paper are successful because they offer a large inventory and a single shopping source. If you have multiple commercial departments, our Multi Site System will combine the inventories into one single inventory.  Like national sites, each vehicle includes the logo of the department that owns the truck along with their contact information and a link to the department’s website. (See example below)



Time Efficiency

  • Inventory Upload Options – We can upload your your vehicles for you, or you have the ability to upload them yourself.  You have total freedom and we work with you to make the process as easy as possible.
  • Automatic Advertising Updates – Work Truck Pros can automatically update Commercial Truck Trader and Truck Paper with your dealership’s inventory.
  • Advanced Inventory Search – Our system is user friendly with a wide variety of options to help you quickly find all trucks that fit a commercial buyer’s needs.



Customer Retention


  • Archive Inventory/CRM – With Work Truck Pros you’ll have the ability to view your Historical Customer Data through our CRM system. As you know, in the commercial truck industry your customers will be back in a few years to buy the same truck configuration. Instead of deleting a sold truck, Work Truck Pros will move the truck into your Historical Customer Data section and you’ll have the ability to associate each sold vehicle with the company that purchased it. So four years down the road, you have all the historical data at your finger tips and can easily touch base with customers to see if they are ready to make another purchase.  Another benefit of our CRM system is that it cannot be downloaded so it safe guards your customer list by staying with the dealership.

Available Inventory View Options

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