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Dealership Identity

Setting your commercial dealership apart from the retail dealership is one of your keys to success. Our goal is to give the commercial buyer a valid reason to believe that you can help them with their commercial truck needs, before they ever meet you.

Creating an Internet Identity for Your Commercial Dealership

Establish an Internet Identity for Your Business

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you should have an Internet identity. Today, most people go to the Internet and not the Yellow Pages to find businesses. Further, they use the Internet to learn about and evaluate you and your products or services. Web sites serve as a useful form of inexpensive advertising for most businesses. Even the most basic of websites can work well as your online brochure.

Does your commercial department have an Internet identity?

We have visited enough dealership’s websites to accurately state that most commercial departments do not have an Internet identity! Most often they are a page or two on the retail website.

The cornerstone, foundation, bedrock, heart, … of your Internet identity is your domain name. The domain name is the equivalent of your Internet phone number. If you do not have a domain name then you have no Internet identity.

And don’t think that just because your dealership’s name is part of the domain name that you have an Internet identity. For instance, if the link to your department looks similar to one of these examples below, you do not have an Internet identity.

acmeford.com/commercial (your department’s name comes after the main domain name with a “/” in front of it)

acmefordcommercial.acmeford.com (your department’s name comes before the main domain name with a “.” in front of it)

In both cases you are simply a keyword for, in this case, the domain of “acmeford.com”. Plus the Internet traffic you are generating as a department is only benefitting the main domain.

(We are using AcmeFord.com as an illustration above because we did not find an Acme Ford dealership in our Google search, nor is the domain acmeford.com an active site.)

Is having a commercial Internet identity important?

If you don’t have your own Internet identity then most likely the identity you have is the retail website. Is that the identity you want your commercial clients and prospects to see for your department?

What does Work Truck Pros offer?

Work Truck Pros offers a commercial inventory and basic website all built under a domain of your choosing. This domain will be yours and is what you will base your Internet identity and SEO will be built upon.

For those dealerships that have already created a commercial website, or want more then a basic website, we also work with third party website designers to insure a seamless integration between your website and our inventory system.

We also know how commercial buyers shop and the keywords they use to find commercial dealers and more importantly commercial trucks they need. This understanding will benefit you by generating effective SEO for your website inventory system, building your Internet Identity.

We understand commercial buyers and what they want in a website. They don’t want or need the giltz and glamour of the retail site. They want to know you are dedicated to your commercial business and can help them with their commercial needs. A commercial website should not be fancy, the home page should offer them what they need, if they need it, but most importantly the Home page should help them find the truck type they are needing, or a way to contact you if none are in stock.