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Dealership Advertising

Commercial Dealership Advertising Solutions

Advertising is the act of getting your product, services and company exposed to prospects that are actively engaged in shopping for what you offer.

Lets start with the fact that we are not directly associated with a national or regional commercial truck advertising website. So why are we recommending advertising? Simply because it offers dealers the highest opportunity for success and our success is solely based on our dealer’s success.

Advertising for Commercial Dealers

In our opinion, commercial dealers should spend everything they can on advertising and spend what you have to on SEO. SEO is important, but is secondary to advertising.

This belief is based on the commercial business model. Unlike the retail inventory, the on-ground inventory of upfit trucks is limited. So when shopping for a product that is scarce, like upfit trucks, the buyer is going to shop in the place that offers the most likelihood of success, the national/regional commercial truck advertising websites.

If your dealership stocks upfit trucks, and you are not advertising on these sites, your opportunity for success is greatly diminished.

Without advertising here are your opportunities for selling an upfit truck:

1. You are actively calling on companies in your area. Good, but limited reach and limited demand opportunity.

2. Someone needing the truck drives by an sees the upfit truck they need on your lot. Low probability.

3. Dealer trade it to a dealer that needs it. Good that you got it off of your floor plan, but not good in the fact that you did not get the recognition from the buyer, so no future sales opportunity from that buyer.

4. A buyer might find you through a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, …). A possibility, but unless you are spending thousands of dollars on SEO, the buyer will first have to pass up all the national and regional sites that are advertised above you, plus any of your competitors that might also be listed above you. It is possible, but I wouldn’t bet my job on it.

What About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the act of getting your website discovered by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, … More importantly, it is helping the search engines to understand what business you are in and what search criteria and keywords your prospects are going to use to find companies and products like yours.

Please note that SEO is only possible if you have your own Internet identity, i.e. domain name. If your commercial department does not have its own Internet identity then SEO is not being created for your department.

Commercial Website

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you should have your own website under a domain that represents your commercial dealership. Today, most people go to the Internet and not the Yellow Pages to find businesses. Further, they use the to Internet to learn about and evaluate you and your products or services. Web sites serve as a useful form of inexpensive advertising for most businesses. Even the most basic of websites can work well as your online brochure.

So what does Work Truck Pros have to offer?

Reasonably priced inventory and website solutions, so you can spend more on advertising

We update most the national and regional advertising sites directly from our inventory system, so you don’t have to. Here are some of the nationals we can update: Commercial Truck Trader, Truck Paper, Next Truck, and many regional sites too.

We know how commercial buyers shop and the keywords they use to find commercial dealers and more importantly commercial trucks they need. This understanding will benefit you by generating effective SEO for your website inventory system.

We understand commercial buyers and what they want in a website. They don’t want or need the glist and glamour of the retail site. They want to know you are dedicated to your commercial business and can help them with their commercial needs. A commercial website should not be fancy, the home page should offer them what they need, if they need it, but most importantly the Home page should help them find the truck type they are needing, or a way to contact you if none are in stock.