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Dealership Advertising

Critical to the success of any commercial dealership!

Commercial Dealership Advertising Solutions


Advertising is the act of getting your product, services and company exposed to prospects that are actively engaged in shopping for what you offer.

Lets start with the fact that we are not directly associated with a national or regional commercial truck advertising website. So why is this even a part of our website?  Simply stated, because advertising offers dealers the highest opportunity for success and our success is solely based on our dealer’s success.


So what does Work Truck Pros have to offer?

First we offer a reasonably priced inventory, so you can spend more on advertising!

We update most of the national and regional truck advertising web sites directly from our inventory system, so you don’t have to.  For those we cannot update directly, we can often offer a reconciliation report, so you know what trucks you need to add and delete to their inventory for it to be in in sync with your website inventory.